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Sunday, 13 April 2014

5 Things Pleasing 13/04/14

This week a cool new apothecary shop opened up in Wellington and it has inspired me to base this weeks five things pleasing on nature.

1. I love the look of The Apothecary Shop Wellington - smells amazing and filled to the brim with teas and herbal remedies.

2. Lately I have been toying with the idea of trying to come up with my own nature-inspired light fitting which can be made from items found either on the beach or in the park. I have been doing a little research to see what other DIY light fittings are out there and found some incredible examples. I will keep you posted on where I get to with coming up with my own.

Made from a basket and beads (via

Woven wood (AlexaHoltz via remodelista)

 Cardboard baskets (Michael Wolke)

Newspaper (via Design Sponge)

 Fishing basket (via Remodelista)

 Wire (I think) (

Baskets (via sfgirlbybay)

3. I recently put together a scheme incorporating vintage botanic prints. You can buy them relatively cheap on Etsy (Endemic world do a couple of cool ones too). I think they make a great affordable art-work option.



 Pineapple print available on Endemic World

4. This week I met with a rep for Artisan and got to have a nosey at some of their amazing rugs. I particularly love their huge range of sisal which has a beautiful raw natural appearance.

5.  Have you ever thought about hanging baskets on the wall? I am definitely considering it after seeing these pics!!


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