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Tuesday, 25 September 2012


I just came back from a lovely long weekend in Napier and have lots of cool design things to share.  

Firstly, one of my favourite shops in Napier called Madisons has moved to a new bigger and better shop.  There are few pros and cons about the new shop:

1. Used to be very french/rustic chic and now it looks like a generic furniture shop.
2. I will miss the cafe they used to have - used to be one of my favourite places to go. The courtyard was so peaceful and sunny.
3. Doesn't have the same light airy atmosphere it used to have.

1.  The florist is looking as lovely as ever (they did my wedding flowers in March).
2. I love that the office is elevated at the back so it overlooks the shop. I can only dream of having such a lovely office.
3. The exposed brick is very and steel walls are very New York style and look great.

I took some sneaky pics to share:

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