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Monday, 1 October 2012

Karen Walker vs Kate Sylvester

Karen Walker for Myer vs Kate Sylvester for Douglas & Bec = NO COMPETITION!

When I heard Karen Walker was doing home wares for Myer, I thought: this will be good.  I love Karen Walker clothes and I imagined a collection consisting of old-school charm with rich modern colours.
I was wrong.

The collection advertised is pretty uninspiring.  I don't know if there is more to come, but at the moment all I see is iconic Karen Walker prints transferred to duvets and mugs. Hmmm…

Kate Sylvester has now collaborated with Douglas & Bec and the result is fabulousness.

If Karen Walker home wares had a flight against Kate Sylvester furniture, Kate Sylvester would win. The collection is designed by Rebecca Snelling and inspired by the Kate Syvester aesthetic. It is contemporary with a twist and uses pale pastel colours (purposely in keeping with what is in the clothing shops for spring?)  There are a few pieces I wouldn't mind owning.

Oh and as a side note: don't get me started on how unfair it is that clothing designers easily get their foot in the interiors door. Maybe in order to be noticed, I have to first make a name for myself in fashion?? Something to think about…

Karen Walker collection

Kate Sylvester collection

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