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Friday, 2 August 2013

Wanda Harland design store

Sorry about my absence, I have started working out in Seatoun - how lucky am I? Can't wait for summer lunches on the beach...if only I could find someone to join me! That is the only bad thing about Seatoun is no one is out there so I'm a bit lonely! Anyone out there want a lunch buddy? 
 I did use my lunch break to do something useful and fun today, I visited the Wanda Harland Design store in Miramar ( they also have a shop at the bottom of the BNZ building). What an awesome little shop and so reasonably priced. I bought a couple of little pieces for the youth space I'm working on. Check out the website:

A General Eclectic vase:

And a LeeAnn Yare ceramic dinosaur

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