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Sunday 9 February 2014

5 things pleasing

Here are the top 5 pleasing things from my week 9/2/14

1. Cafe Neo (Willis St) new look - so much brighter, lighter and airy! Was enough to make me go back after a long absence. I love it when cafe's update their look.

2. Seafoam green - this colour seems to be popping up a lot lately and I say bring it on - I love it! Especially with gold.

3. - I only came across this website a couple of days ago and it makes following all my favourite blogs a breeze!  I can see all new blog posts on one easy to read feed. I love it so much I added a widget - Yessssss.

4. This saying - just because sometimes you just need to hear it.

5. The new issue of Est magazine - I love a design magazine and when it is free it is even better.

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