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Sunday, 6 April 2014

5 Things Pleasing 6/4/2014

My weekly round up this week.

1. In the most recent Home Adore magazine they featured Perth Bistro Guillaume. I am in love with the vivid greens, the combination of textures-the glossy tiles, the leather benches, the mosaics, the carpets...I could go on. I particularly love the lights which look like flower buds pre-bloom and how their round shape is replicated in the chairs...what an amazing space.

 Pics borrowed from

2. Catherine Martin Metropolis collection has been out for a little while now but I got to see some of the fabrics in person this week and so I have a renewed love of her glamorous designs. I particularly love the gold wallpapers.

  Pics via Mokum Textiles

3. H&M have go some seriouuuusly cool homewares in their collection. I spent nearly an hour trawling through the online shop this week. And now NZ Post makes it possible to ship their products here - yess! They have some really affordable rugs too.

 Pics vic H&M Homewares

4. I came across this image and I love the opulence of the shower curtain in contrast to the contemporary bathroom...particularly in combination with the black floorboards. It is so simple yet so visually striking.
5. And...well I like this. I'm all about the motivational posters lately.

Via Etsy shop The Watermelon Factory

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