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Monday, 11 July 2011

Bedroom styles

I am currently reading Module 12 of my Interior Design course work (the last module – can’t believe I’m nearly finished!) and it is about bedrooms and bathrooms.  There is a summary of several different bedroom styles which I think is a great reference tool for me to refer back to. I found a few pics to illustrate the different styles. I personally love eclectic.

Summary of some bedroom styles

1. Cottage

Small prints, fine stripes, coordinating plains, iron or pine beds, rugs, stencils, clutter, cosiness.

2. English Country

Spacious solid furniture with a mellow patina, space, simplicity, gentle colour, hard floors, rugs, subtle patterns.

3. Victorian

Brass beds, mahogany, four posters, rich fabrics, handsome furniture, strong use of colour, pelmets, carpets, water jugs and basins, collections of memorabilia, paintings, lace, lamps.

4. American Country

Polished floors, rag rugs, patchwork quilts, comfortable chairs, cushions, check cottons, matching curtains and blinds, no harsh colours.

5. Townhouse

Well-utilised space, clever storage, neat architectural lines, maximum light, tailored, carpeted, recessed downlights, paintings.

6. International

Extravagant, dramatic, streamlined, objèts d’art, invisible lighting, sophisticated technology for TV, stereo, video, classic furniture.

7. Eclectic
Highly personal, old and new together, inspired by a variety of sources and influences.

8. Oriental
Simplicity, slat bed, screens, private, hard floors, low furniture, calming, balanced, natural materials, limited colour.

9. Mediterranean
Tiled floors, plaster walls, controlled natural light, shutters, splashes of clear colour, wool or cotton rugs, timber furniture either natural or painted.

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