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Friday 21 March 2014

5 Things Pleasing 21/3/14

I'm doing five things early this week because I'm off to Napier for the weekend. Here are my five design faves this week:

1. French Connection's latest furniture/homewares collection

2. I was so excited to come across Clare Elsaesser, an artist selling prints of her paintings on Etsy.

 Pictures via Clare Elsaesser, Etsy store

3. Gwyneth Hulse was a featured seller on Felt this week. I really like her modernist, geometric homewares

Pictures via Felt 

4. Ikea's limited-edition collection for 2014 "aimed at a growing number of young, creative city-dwellers faced with small living".

Pictures via dezeen

5. George & Willy launched the Tuesday Table as a part of their online store. 

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